"Stillness is your essential nature."

Excerpt by Echkart Tolle, Stillness Speaks

Category : Commercial

Property Type : Wellbeing Centre

Location : Parkville

Project Year : 2018


This commercial project involved conceptualising and documenting the interior of a proposed wellbeing centre designed to cater to returning servicemen and women of the Australian Defence Forces. The centre was to include a gym, yoga space, cafe, and a flexible multi-function space. 

The concept was inspired by the social challenges traditionally faced by the target market upon return to civilian life after service. 'Space' was interpreted as a time of transition between life in and out of service, and as a precursor to feelings of ease and comfort. Gradation of colour was utilised as a design element to reference the idea of transition, and coherence in the interior was achieved by the homogenous application of Tasmanian Oak timber on the walls and floors. 

Subtle reference to the Australian Defence Force was achieved by designing the reception desk to incorporate a well-known insignia of Australian Military identity - the 'slouch hat' with its side turned up. This motif was also abstracted into the design of the acoustic panels in the void above the gym area. Hung from different heights, the panels create intriguing vistas from a number of vantage points within the facility. However, it is only when standing inside the gym that one can discern their true meaning. The gradual descent of the hat from an upright position represents the transition from service (hat up) to civilian life (hat down). The design intent of this feature was to instil a sense of pride to returning servicemen and women by honouring their sacrifice and hard work. 

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