Category :  Commercial

Property Type :  Restaurant

Location : Carlton

Project Year :  2018

Located in historically rich Carlton, this contemporary restaurant interior references the famous traditional Ukrainian soup, borscht. It is defined by vibrant colours, as well as the repetition of circular geometry. There are two distinct zones in the space. On entry, a bright white wine bar enlivened by plants hanging rythmically over the bar provides a serene landing space to sip a glass of wine. After drinks, users proceed to the main dining space, which is layered with a harmonious array of warm colours, quite literally enveloping them in the warmth and nourishment of a bowl of homemade borscht. The contemporary use of colour reinterprets this traditional soup for the today's enviroment, giving it an ecletic personality to suit Melbourne‚Äôs diverse hospitality scene.  

"Soup is the song of the hearth... and the home.."

Louis P. De Gouy



Images via pinterest