Electric Avenue

"We gonna rock down to Electric Avenue...
And then we'll take it higher"

Category :  Commercial

Property Type :  Cafe

Location : Carlton

Project Year :  2018

The first ‘renewable energy training’ program at RMIT took place in building 57 in 2009. Today, this space serves as a training facility for the electrical apprentice program.

Inspired by the idea of electricity, ‘Electric Avenue’ houses a cafe, study space and arcade games area to serve as a recreation space for students predominantly from the school of engineering. Its interior is defined by an honest materials palette, and it borrows cues from the study of electricity. The pattern of an electrical circuit is superimposed onto decorative screens, and a large electric blue strip spanning the space assists with wayfinding. Sustainability is addressed in the specification of finishes, in particular plywood, reclaimed timber, and natural lime paint.