"The beauty of a perfectly cut diamond lies not only in its exquisite aesthetics, but in the way it makes you feel."

Category : Residential

Property Type : Apartment 

Location : East Melbourne 

Project Year : 2018

This city fringe apartment needed a complete redesign for the open plan living/dining, library, lobby, and master bedroom. Nestled within a neutral backdrop, a complimentary colour scheme of vivid red and olive green was drawn from a stunning botanical-inspired rug by designer Jenny Jones. The rug is a celebration of the native Australian Waratah flower and grounds the interior within the local context. As the clients worked in the gemstone industry, angular motifs reminiscent of a cut diamond were used as a key design motif. This motif is particularly evident in the custom joinery unit in the library designed to house books, music and audio/visual equipment. In order to provide a sense of grounding and richness to the space, dark American walnut floors were specified everywhere but the lobby. Here, a graphic mosaic tile by Greg Natale exploits the power of high contrast colours to convey opulence.


A major focus of the project was the design of custom soft furnishings. Ceiling-recessed ivory ripplefold sheers coupled with a patterned bonded blind provided window coverings to the main living/dining area. In the library, reverse colours of these fabrics were specified to provide a cocooning effect better suited to reading or relaxing. Custom reupholstered furniture and cushions complete the overall look. 




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