I’m a highly passionate and motivated interior designer
driven by an innate desire to create spaces that simply make people feel good. I agree with architect Hal Box, who said


“Beauty excites sensuous aesthetic pleasure. It stirs emotions, it is an aggregate of qualities in something that gives delight or exalts the mind and spirit”. 

My design process is centred around research and experimentation, as I aim to bring fresh thinking to projects while weaving a delicate personal connection between each project and its context. 

I have a background in structural engineering and believe that one of my primary strengths is a core understanding of construction, experience working with multi-disciplinary teams, as well as the ability to apply logical problem-solving skills to any given design question. 

I was lucky enough to study Interior Design at one of the world’s best design schools, RMIT. While at university, I took the initiative to approach local designers in need of assistance with documentation, and have since assisted with creating drawing packages for a number of local studios on both a one-off and ongoing basis.

My interests in the design world include architecture, interior design, landscape design and photography. When I’m not working, you’ll find me baking sweet treats, poring over the latest copy of Artichoke, or tending to my urban garden of over 50 house plants.


If you'd like to work together or just to say hello, feel free to contact me!